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We are one of many Probus Clubs throughout the UK and the World in general. We were formed in 1977.

Our members are themselves part of recent history with ages that range from early retirement through until well into their 90's. This means that a variety of talks from our members include items of great interest in the periods before, during and after WW2.

More recently the photograph, (below) of our members past and present and taken in the millenium year, brought back memories.  

Probus Members 2000

Left to Right

Basil Harris, Bill Perkins, Derek Patterson,David Visick, Holly Scallon, Don Johnson, Frank Boyden, Ken Piper, Colin Firth, Norman Woollven, John Saunders, John Grattan Hart, John Roe, John Lane, Tony Welton, Ken Stratford, Frank Yule, Peter Pickett, David Cassells, Tony Watkins, George Bailey, Ron Jordan, Philip Tatchell, Bertram Sharp, Roy Hanney, Jim Shackley, Bob Wickham, Dennis Best